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Case Study: BP Oil / Prudhoe Bay Oil Extraction and Transportation Facilities

Acoustic analysis dictated covering the large pipe with dual layer of composite flexible noise material would reduce the noise energy within the room.

Forrest Sound Products design team invented a suspension system for the flexible noise material that allowed required Non Destructive inspection of the pipe at any location.

Our team worked with the CGF operators and management to assure we met intensive safety procedures and did not interrupt production.

The 13,000SF of acoustic panel material was installed in 35 days and came in under budget with a perfect safety record.  A previous installation by another contractor (less efficient design) in an identical module required a year and double the cost to complete.

The photos shows the scaffold erected to enable the application over active machinery and high pressure feed lines. Temperature at the highest installation point was over 100deg and noise level at 112 dBA. Crew cycled in and out of the installation procedure to accommodate maximum noise and heat exposure.

Project Information

Central Gas Facility Module 4904
Large concrete sided room
Natural gas is sucked from the slope then compressed and injected back onto the top of the underground oil to assist in recovery.

Noise sources:
RB-211 Gas Turbine and exhaust
50,000HP Maag reduction gear
Two large compressors
350 lineal  feet of 48” to 60” diameter suction and discharge gas pipe.
Gas moving at 100FPS at 720PSI.
Producing noise at 112dBA at 220Hz.
Pipe running vertically and horizontally within the space.