About Us

About Us


Forrest Sound Products is an acoustical contracting company delivering turnkey, cost-efficient, Eco-savvy services for Architectural and Industrial Noise Control.  Our rapidly growing company has become one of the most recognized Industrial Insulation and Specialty Contractors in the Pacific Northwest, California and Alaska.

What defines us?

Forrest Sound Products is known for being the problem-solver for any noise issue.  Our project management team will listen to your concerns, analyze your needs and submit a quote with the products and services that are specifically correct for each application.  We strive to develop and design custom solutions for the most difficult spaces and noise challenges.   Our company is proud to be comprised of keen observers, creative thinkers, and enthusiastic problem solvers who always anticipate that the smallest detail can affect the big picture.  Forrest Sound customers receive the benefit of industry longevity and wide-ranging experience.

Safety is #1

Forrest Sound Products puts Safety at the top of our priority list throughout every project with our “Target Zero” Program. Our goal is to be the safest specialty contractor in the industry. We adhere to strict safety guidelines and take a proactive approach to installation, design, scheduling and workplace management to protect your facility and everyone onsite.  Our MOD rate of 0.6 is indicative of the success of our Safety Program.

Our Relationships

Forrest Sound Products maintains the highest level of professionalism, integrity and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors and customers.  We pride ourselves in the strong partnerships we have developed with topnotch Engineers and Architects in our field.  We are responsive, fast and flexible – in other words – easy to work with.

Everything we do is designed to make environments more comfortable and healthy for the people who live and work within.  While noise is a nuisance for you, it’s our specialty. Let some of the best minds in the business use our passion and insight to solve your noise control problems.